Wherever you go, there you are.

It feels odd that I will set off for Hong Kong tomorrow. That I will think it sensible to sit in a metal tube, speeding through the air, thousands of feet off the ground.

And then I will be there, somewhere else. Or will I? more than likely I will be stuck in my head – just like I am here.

The odd truth of this always strikes me in the context of mountains. I spend a lot of my life wishing I was climbing a mountain. On the way up I wish it would end because it hurts so much. On the top I wish I could hold onto the experience and prevent the wonderful feeling from ending. And then on the way down I wish the pain in my thighs would stop. All this wishing and thinking getting in the way of just being.

It is remarkable the amount of vigilance it takes to be here, now.

It's worth the effort though.

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