The greatest

H/T John Gruber who also shared this quote from Steven Aquino:

Of course Apple wants you to use their products, but so too does Amazon and Google and Microsoft and others. There exists a deeper message: the point is not whether Apple is subliminally advertising to people; the salient point is Apple is overtly advertising a disabled person’s basic humanity

My coaching session with Dr. Amy Johnson

I know, I have mentioned Dr Amy Johnson on my blog before. I have listening to her podcast for years and thoroughly enjoy her ability to touch on some pretty complex, esoteric, profound topics with a degree of clarity that is enviable.

When she recently reached out and asked for volunteers to do a recorded coaching session that she would use on the podcast I put my hand up. The result has just been published.

To be honest, I feel nervous making this public because some of it feels very personal, and it may come across as too woo woo for some of you. But, on the other hand, hearing our conversation may be of help to some of you as well.

So, anyway, here you go