A Sufi Story worth remembering in our polarised times…

“Upon entering a new country a traveler noticed an old man sitting under a tree. He approached him and asked about the people in his land. The old man answered by asking, ‘How are the people in your country?’

‘Oh’ said the traveler, ‘they are friendly, hospitable, and cheerful.’ ‘Well,’ the old man said, ‘you’ll find them to be the same in my country.’

A few days later another traveler came up to the man under the tree with the same question, and again the old man responded by asking how the people in the traveler’s country were.

‘They are always in a rush, they have very little time for each other, and their main concern in life is how much money they can make.’

The old man shrugged and said, ‘You’ll find them to be the same in my country.’”

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