Anatomy of a blog post.

Most of them start with a single thought. Calling it an insight seems pretentious but I guess that’s what it is. This mostly happens first thing as I am just waking up and I reach for my phone and Drafts (my long time favourite and most used app) to grab that thought before it disappears.

I then start riffing on the idea, still in Drafts, still on my phone as I am now, until I run out of steam. Usually almost immediately!

I then revise my wording, correct errors, and usually add lots of line breaks. Someone once, kindly, compared my blog posts to poems and I guess the process is similar – caring about what words are used, what order they come in, and giving them lots of white space and shape to clarify meaning.

I then use a Drafts action to post to WordPress where I add images or links and do a last quick check and tidy up before finally publishing.

Nothing difficult, nothing complicated. Just thought those of you considering blogging might find this useful.

2 thoughts on “Anatomy of a blog post.

  1. It seems so effortless & flowy.

    But glad to know it does take re-drafting and re-editing, even for experienced practitioners.

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