7 thoughts on “Journal nerdery

  1. This is an utterly amazing and deep post. I read it in its entirety – and slowly – to understand exactly what he’s recorded and how. The level of recording is unbelievable. The fact that he puts them all into some kind of wiki then uses a typewriter too is something I loved (it’s unique). I loved the concept of the field notes and the ease in which he wanted to immediately capture notes without cumbersome screens. This is a brilliant post and puts my note taking to shame. 🤣


      1. I posted it on Twitter and there was a bit of chatter about it. I couldn’t go to his depth but I love the lessons he learned.

        On an aside, I got his name mixed up thinking it was David Graebar trying to find the original blog post (so I mistyped the name into Google). Through this mistake, I was then also introduced to anthropologist Graebar’s work. So two wins today. Thanks for sharing this post.

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