Bullet Journal

Over the years I have come and gone so many times on various systems to capture, organise, and share my thoughts. I have learned not to feel awkward about this to and fro because all systems become stale over time and there is no shame in believing that a change of system will bring renewed focus.

One thing I find frustrating about having so many tools is that things can become scattered – “Where did I store this?”, “How can I connect these two bits of information?”, “Is this a to-do or a note?”. The idea of having everything in one place. The fact that a Bullet Journal is an analogue place is a plus not a minus. The friction of getting this into the system and moving them around gives pause for thought and pausing to think is a good thing!

So, my new Bullet Journal notebook arrives tomorrow and I am currently re-reading Ryder Carroll’s book on his system. I feel suitably re-invigorated at the prospect of, yet another, fresh start.

2 thoughts on “Bullet Journal

  1. One of my favorite times is that point where I realize that I’m coming to the end of a notebook and that I get to start looking for the next one. So many great options for books, and how to use them, out there to try and explore.

    I used my first Bullet Journal a couple of notebooks ago, and like you love how the method keeps everything together. From there I went to a Rhodia Goalbook, mainly for the very fountain pen friendly paper. I also really like the Seven Seas journal (I prefer the Crossfield version) from Nanami Paper.

    My current book is the Hobonichi Techo Cousin Daily Planner, combination daily planner and bullet journal-ish. It is a great book, great features, but I’m finding that I sometimes need more than one page per day and sometimes leave days blank. It was worth a try but next time I’ll go back to a day-free book.

    I haven’t read Carroll’s book yet, but I’m going to add it to my list. Thanks.


    1. I am currently using a dotted notebook with an index and page numbers which still leaves me lots of flexibility in terms of length of day pages. I like the way that I can keep adjusting the way I use pages unlike fixed pre-designed notebooks. Totally agree about the Rhodia paper though and that might be my next one!

      The book is better than I expected and I have actually now read it a few times and dip in and out. I was amazed to see how young he was on a YouTube video the other day – but then I guess everyone is getting younger – relatively.


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