I do love London. All of it.

One of the companies that I drive for provide steel piping and fittings for the building trade. Very often this is to companies who do fire safety installations in large office buildings. Even existing office buildings replace this infrastructure as their ownership and use changes, so a lot of my deliveries have been to Canary Wharf, the massive business centre, in the east of London.

As I drive towards this imposing island of glass and steel I don’t stay on the surface but end up driving down the service roads into the bowels of the earth beneath these shiny buildings. It’s like wandering around in the intestines of some massive powerful beast.

Today, I will stay on the surface having a coffee with the CIO of one of the businesses whose headquarters are in Canary Wharf.

In some ways the contrast couldn’t be more stark, in other ways it’s all just life. London life, in all its varied glory.

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