There is no shortage of advice these days. Whatever we are contemplating doing we have, at our fingertips, confident, and often conflicting, assertions of what we should do.

But there is a world of difference between telling people what they should do and sharing with fellow travellers insights you have gathered along the way. This is why my writing usually takes the form of “memos to self” or “I’ve noticed that…” posts rather than “Ten ways to…”.

“To rescue someone is to oppress them”. Telling people what people they should do just keeps the one needing helped in a passive, subservient position. Walking alongside them as they work things out for themselves builds shared strength.

We need to own our solutions and put some passion behind them. We need to “Stop reading case study porn and get on with it”.

And yes, as you have almost certainly guessed by now, this post is a “memo to self”!

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