Being good enough

This is the time of year when Santa will bring us a present if we have been good enough.

Once we get to school we get good grades if we are good enough, and at work we’ll get promoted if we are good enough.

As we get old we’re told that we’ll get to heaven if we’ve been good enough.

We are trained to let others decide if we are good enough.

But we trust those others less than we used to.

We need to learn to aspire to our own highest standards and realise what we are capable of.

If we all do this we might just be better than anyone ever imagined.

At least there will be no one else to blame if we’re not…

2 thoughts on “Being good enough

  1. Good enough is fine – it provides the benchmark for you to determine if good enough is in fact ‘good enough’ or where you need to improve…


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