The System

I am currently going through an endless process of form filling and nit-picking questions in order to get paid by a large organisation. Those asking the questions clearly have no discretionary authority and the questions are equally clearly the result of trying to cover years worth of different eventualities. All of this for a one hour gig.

I also recently took on the challenge of arranging car insurance for my daughter as she has just got her provisional licence. A painless conversation with a pleasant salesman turned into another bureaucratic nightmare when “the system” decided that the wrong boxes had been ticked in the wrong way and started sending me paperwork reflecting charges 3 TIMES what I was expecting. Now resolved but another battle I could have done without.

Everyone in both cases was very nice, and very apologetic. It’s not them, it’s “the system”. They are constrained by the system and have minimal ability to intervene. It’s a bit like airline pilots in modern planes, they are there just to make me the passenger/customer feel reassured that there is someone in charge.

With whole new levels of increasingly sophisticated automation becoming available to “the system” things are unlikely to get better. I fear for our sanity.

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