Most social media marketing advice is rubbish

While reading Robert Scoble’s excellent advice on how to improve your social media presence I noticed this related question:

I immediately thought “just get as many as possible of them to do what Robert recommends”. It’s a simple as that. Anything else is smoke and mirrors. There’s a whole industry built on making people think either a) it’s harder b) they can’t do it themselves or c) getting someone else to do it for you works. Sadly all three are often combined.

I guess the truth is that while what Robert recommends is simple, it is also hard work – and it relies on remembering that Organizations Don’t Tweet – People Do!

5 thoughts on “Most social media marketing advice is rubbish

  1. Though I figured it out a while back, this clearly explains my cognitive dissonance and discomfort trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. I knew it wasn’t possible but, for some reason I may someday understand, I tried to make it otherwise. Live and, I dearly hope, learn.


  2. If the ‘client’ in the question above has substance then Robert’s rules will help. If they’re trying to create an impression without anything to back it up, they (and the questioner) are doomed. A lot of people who ask this type of question would probably look at you blankly if you mention the words ‘transparency’ or ‘authenticity’.


  3. Social media marketing is one of the most and most significant part for getting website traffic but it is a very disappointed issue that most of the advice for doing social media marketing does not have any sense and in a word we can say those rubbish. So we have need to follow right way for doing our social media campaign. Thanks


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