Blood sweat and tears

One of the things that has struck me most about listening to Steve Jobs’ biography on Audible is the amount of crying that goes on. Not just him but others – and not just others who he has made cry. People in all sorts of positions welling up in the face of the challenges and setbacks they faced.

It is all too easy to think that successful people have it easier than the rest of us or that they are so full of confidence that they sail through life’s challenges. It is good to be reminded that they don’t face any less difficulties than we do – they are just less likely to back away from them and they do what it takes to move forward. Repeatedly and no matter how scared they are.

5 thoughts on “Blood sweat and tears

  1. It has made me feel better about being a bit teary now and again, business is hard, but quitting is easy, so I figure if the odd tearful moment helps you keep ploughing on then it can only be a good thing.


  2. Yeah I can blub at the drop of a hat though it tends to be at weepy films! I have no qualms about crying in front of the kids but it is interesting to consider it in the work context.


  3. Yes, I was surprised by the amount of crying, though I too tend to be weepy in films. Victor Lazlo only has to say "Play the Marseillaise" and I'm in floods…Jobs had less sympathy from me though on this because It sometimes seemed more childish – like his tantrums – than an expression of some noble struggle.For me the big question is whether anyone could have achieved what he did and still been a nice person? Great leaders of industry don't tend to have a good record on that front…


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