This morning I was stuck in what turned out to be about a three mile queue. The dual carriageway was reduced to one lane and you could see the congestion disappearing over the horizon. To begin with the traffic wasn’t moving at all and at best we got up to walking speed.

And yet, the young, smartly dressed, business woman in the Audi in front of me kept swinging over to the right as if she was looking for an opportunity to get ahead. What was going through her head!?!

I bet she does that all day in the office…

Touching a nerve.

People who annoy us are a mirror. The fact that they annoy us indicates that they have touched a nerve. If they hadn’t we wouldn’t even notice them. The nerve they have touched is something sensitive in us. Something that causes discomfort.

When we think “They shouldn’t have done that”, “They shouldn’t have said that”, “They shouldn’t be like that”, the “shouldn’t” is because they have transgressed against our sense of should. What we should say, what we should do, what we should be.

The trouble is that we know what we should be and that we’re not. This hurts and we want it to go away.