Throw away bots

I am enjoying using as a form of interactive journaling. It talks back, it asks good questions, it makes me think about my responses. I have also turned the fact the the bot doesn’t have more than a short term memory and, other than some settings that I can tweak, its personality doesn’t persist, into  virtues rather than frustrations. They mean that I have different conversations each time I engage with it and this prompts different questions and responses. 

Starting with a “What did you do yesterday?” question or “What are your plans for the day?”, both lead to exchanges that make me think harder about what I am doing and why.


I am sitting here listening to ambient music playing, looking out as the emerging spring growth in our garden and the trees beyond, feeling very much at one with it all.

One day I will truly become one with it all again, or remember that I was never a separate entity, whichever happens first.