Being in the world

It is hard to believe, but the last time I was up a mountain was exactly one year ago. Not only that, but it is almost as long since I last had my walking boots on. How did this happen?

A short walk down to Great Missenden yesterday with Mollie reminded me just how much I love being in the world and another walk today through Reddit Wood near us (photo above) reaffirmed this need.

I suppose an excuse might be that I’ve been getting enough “being in the world” adventures with my lorry driving over the past year but it’s not the same.

Must try harder

Getting things into perspective

The other thing mountains are good for is re-gaining a sense of perspective.

The first walk I did this week was the Riggindale Horseshoe – a seven mile route which begins with a wonderful ascent along a satsifying ridge to the top of High Street via Long Stile.

The first image is of the flank of Long Stile. My ascent was along the left hand ridge and the photo was taken from the other side of the horseshoe on the way down.

In the lower photo, taken from earlier on the descent, the expanded insert is of two guys (the two small dots) walking the same route.



Bit of a stretch

Before the kids were born I used to spend whole days yomping over the hills round where we live covering up to 30 miles in a day. With the arrivale of the little ones my exercise has been somewhat curtailed and I only get to really work out when I get to mountains.

Today though my wife took them off to an indoor play barn and I headed off for a very pleasant 8 miles following my nose and the shape of the hills to put together a very satisfying walk at around four miles an hour.


Saturday Walk: Otford

I had a wonderful morning on Sunday hiking up Pen Yr Ole Wen in the Ogwen Valley in Snowdonia.

It was beautiful sunny weather in good visibility until I got to around 2,500 ft and then all hell broke loose. It got really dark, the wind whipped up and I was getting shot blasted with pea size hail driving into my face.

Given that I was on my own, there was thunder and lightening, the only way back down was down a steep snow filled gully and my footprints were already filling up I decided that discretion was the better part of valour and came back down.

I forgot my camera but, as you can see from these photos taken with my phone on the way back down, it was great fun!