Moving into a new home

I have decided to refocus on my blogging rather than the distractions of Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. I have been missing the slower, more considered pace of writing and reading blog posts and so, although I will retain my social media accounts, I will not be spending so much time in there.

I have moved my blog a few times for various reasons. I started out on Blogger, then Typad, then WordPress and for the longest time Squarespace. I am moving back to WordPress because I am going to want more control of what the blog looks like and how it works and WordPress makes this easier. Although my very first posts were lost all those years ago in move from Blogger I have managed to migrate the others, all the way back to December 2001, through each of my moves.

My original blog changed my life. The simple of act of noticing and writing done day after day, led to me being involved in Knowledge Management, meeting everyone from Tim Berners Lee to Vint Cerf, becoming a freelance writer and speaker, having a book published, and traveling around the world.

Although the world of blogging is much changed since those early days, and I may as a consequence of this decision disappear from public sight, who knows what might come from a renewed focus on noticing and writing day after day.

I’m with Jeneane on this one

The blogroll said: this is who i like to read, who do you like to read? Oh Cool! I see you–Do you see me? Oh Cool! I will check out who you like to read. Why don’t you check out who I like to read? Oh cool! I will add that person from yours and you from mine and his from hers and theirs from theirs. Along with our posts, blogolls were streetsigns to regular coversation spots.

Then new people started writing online.

Then we added them to our blogrolls.


I’m glad I still do that.

We need to keep doing that.

Otherwise it’s just another silly pyramid scheme.

an ode to blogrolls