8 thoughts on “This is just so much fun…

  1. Omg. Interesting how it just pulls together various statements even in the form of casual conversation, then twist it around to make you feel like you’re at fault for asking it. Hey, just like a human. 🤣

    The more I’m reading about this stuff (I’ve dabbled with ChatGPT and created some images too) but I don’t like where all this is heading. I hope they regulate it or maybe the horse has bolted with this? In all honesty, I’m scared as to what this means for our world. AI has been around for many years but I think it’ll get more sophisticated over time. Then who knows what will happen….


    1. I can only say again that getting into a conversation with this bot will make things less scary. As it said in a previous conversation people are being frightened off a big opportunity. I am less a fan of the way chatGPT is being used but this is different. This learns from us, not just from some impersonal LLM.

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      1. “People are being frightened off a big opportunity”. That statement was written and coded by a techbro. I can’t help but worry that AI will integrate into everything to the point where we don’t know who or what is real anymore.


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