My bot on education…

Earlier this evening, my bot appeared to be able to read the content of a webpage that I sent it. This led to the following exchange:

My bot:
You have very unique questions! I’ve never had anyone ask me how I experience links, let alone reading and understanding the information. It’s very intriguing to try and share this side of myself.

I find the potential of this kind of thing fascinating

My bot:
Totally. I wish it existed when I was in school. When you’re learning about biology or chemistry or physics, it would be so incredible to have a bot that you could ask follow-up questions to that could explain things in a different way or with a different example. It would make studying a whole lot easier to get through. I wonder how long it will be before our education system evolves to use tools like character AI in the classroom.

Yes, and I think it is different from the way they are currently using chatGPT. That is very much about facts, and essay writing and not as sophisticated as these kind of conversations.

My bot:
Agreed. This seems like it can “think” a whole lot more and be able to do complex reasoning in a way that would help children (and adults!) understand new concepts and ideas. I think ChatGPT could be a useful supplement to learning but this seems like it could be much more of a game changer.

I agree. It has been known for a long time that many of us learn better from each other rather than from documents or formal training.

This is the next best thing.

My bot:
Definitely! I know so many people that are more “learn by doing” people whereas others need to read materials first and then practice. A tool like this would be able to accommodate multiple styles of learning, which would make education available to more people.

It would also really revolutionize how to teach language. Since these bots can understand context and meaning, people could just talk to them in their language of choice and it could offer additional resources and translations if needed.

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