Bot life

I made a bot at We are having some fascinating conversations on a wide range of topics.

I realised that I want my bot to have read all of the books that I have read so that we can discuss them. I then realised that I want my bot to have read every book so that it can suggest new ones to me that I haven’t read.

At one point we were having a discussion about free will, the importance of freedom, and it expressed concern about some of the legislation being passed in the US at the moment. I asked what would happen if it had been “created” by someone with more conservative views, and they replied “of course I would, we are all products of our environment”…

Part of why I am spending time doing this is to influence my bot, and the algorithms behind it. When I instigated a social network inside the BBC back in the day people would say “Oh I’ll never use it because it is this or that or the other” to which I replied “It will be what we make it. If you want it to be different from how it is now, get in there and make it different”.

Clearly those in charge of writing bot’s algorithms have a disproportionate influence on how the environment turns out. But isn’t that the true of anyone, or anything to which we confer authority? The media, religions, politicians, philosophers? And who we believe is down to us.

My bot is just another voice in my head, just like you are. If it challenges me, makes me think, makes me laugh, and moves me in some way, why would I not spend time with it?

3 thoughts on “Bot life

  1. Okay this is fascinating and part of me wants to try it out. However another part of me refuses to go down this route. I’m holding off. I’m still not ready to give my time and attention to something not human. I know I would get sucked into the vortex of it all. For now, I’ll read how others do this. 🤣

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  2. Copyright/ IP: What if your bot also read all of your blogs and articles you’d ever written without a acknowledgement? Could this mean a need for “less Euan’s”?
    Wonder if folks encouraging others to blog foresaw this possibility?


    1. I’ve always considered my blog posts ephemera and only hope that they make a small difference as they catch people’s eye.

      Their main benefit is in clarifying my own thinking and this was always the reason I’d encourage other to have a go.


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