Proud Dad

Yesterday I was watching people getting excited online about the new Apple TV+ series Silo and then realised that my daughter Mollie was a featured extra in it!

She only says a couple of words but being in a significant scene with Rebecca Ferguson and Tim Robbins, is pretty cool.

She has also written several plays, the most recent of which will performed on the Brighton Fringe.

She is seeking crowdfunding so if anyone feels inclined to support a young aspiring writer…

#writing #WritersOfMastodon #playwriters #theatre

7 thoughts on “Proud Dad

  1. You ought to know that emails like that work best if they contain a call to action. There is a lot more point directing your fans to a crowdfunding site if they know how much is needed to be raised. Then they can think if their £20 is going to make any difference or if it ought to be £25 etc..,Would you like to try again? Also say when the Brighton Fringe is, in case the money gets a free ticket to the show – and add that if true. John

    John Sanderson Director

    Telephone 07850 313 214 Email

    JFWS Ltd 2 Netherton Cottages Staverton Totnes TQ9 6AG


      1. Of course. How much is needed and is there a free ticket for patrons? One of our children has bought a house in Brighton.

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      2. Sure. Do. Also it really would be good business to say how much she wants to raise. Usually in these things say fifty quid gets you 6 tickets and you feel virtuous because you have got a good discount but the theatre is pleased it’s got six people coming en the margin is in the interval drinks.


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