What do we want from AI?

Nice post from Matt Ballantine on why AI need not be such a challenge if we know the real reasons why we do the things we do.

Ultimately it comes down to why we do the things that we do. I write to try to make sense of the world. I of course could ask a chat AI to create a blog article in the style of Matt Ballantine on the theme of AI using de Vaucanson’s duck as a metaphor, but what would be the point? I wouldn’t have spent the weekend with the ideas bouncing around at the back of my head with the idea of this piece being a way to structure my thinking. I would have learned nothing. And most importantly, neither would the AI.

2 thoughts on “What do we want from AI?

  1. Ive been reading about ChatGPT so last night, while listening to a new album of a favourite band, I decided to use it and test it out by asking questions about the said band and their music. It’s still quite new but I had a lot of satisfaction pressing the 👎to its responses to the questions as they were all wrong. I could have (and it asked me to) rectified the situation by submitting my own answers for the benefit of others in the future, but I did not. That time will come anyway in near future as the millions around the world ask it the same question. I came away from the experience a bit “meh”. Bored.

    I turned the CD cover over in my hand and looked at the nice design on it then sat back and listened to my music.

    AI is there but for now, it doesn’t provide me with the great feelings of doing something, finding something, creating something yourself.


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