9 thoughts on “My favourite tree

  1. Alas, I lost my “NeighborTree™” (joke) about ten years ago. Sunset photos from my back courtyard just aren’t the same. Yours is spectacular!


  2. We think drought (story of so many things here in the southwest of the US). There’s another tree slowly taking its place, though, so I have hopes.

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  3. Thanks for the photo, Euan, and thanks for your posts this year. I’ve stopped posting now and don’t think I’ll resume. I like to think that the tree in your photo can provide all the prompts to contemplation and conversation that we’ll ever need. Two trees might be one too many. I’ve always liked the idea of five or so books standing in for the tsunami of words that fills our lives. Best wishes for Christmas. John

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    1. I agree about the tsunami of words but am grateful that you shared a few with me and I will do my best to live up to my reputation for concision!

      Hope you have a great festive season.


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