My London

We were in London yesterday to celebrate Mollie‘s birthday. A very pleasant couple of hours grazing at the food stalls in Borough Market and then off to Leicester Square to watch the film of Matilda.

We split up at one point and I walked along the river from Blackfriars to Embankment , and then from Regents Park to Marleybone. The city was looking fabulous, especially along the river, which was at a very high tide.

The whole experience left me feeling very nostalgic, and sad. It’s about three years since I was regularly in the centre of London but I still know it like the back of my hand.

The combination of having worked for the BBC in Bush House and Television Centre for more than twenty years, then having spoken in what feels like almost every conference space in the city, and then more recently driving lorries delivering steel piping to many of its new and renovated buildings, it feels very much like my city.

I miss it.

2 thoughts on “My London

  1. I feel the same, I visited, worked, lived and loved in London over many years and visit it much less now, I know when I do that there are little back alleys, specialist shops, and fabulous restaurants that I ‘just know’. I miss it too.

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  2. I do share your feelings Euan. It’s been 3 years now since my last visit to London and I miss it so much – lately many pictures from previous visits showed up in my timeline and I felt how dearly I miss being there . There is no other place like London. Hopefully time will come soon that I can travel again. I can’t wait to walk again through the city like you well described.

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