How low can you go?

So many of our current efforts to reduce our impact on the planet are tinkering at the edges.

At the same time as we stop using plastic straws we are locked into systems whose very existence is based on our perceived need to fix, or improve, ourselves and everything around us. In combination these systems cause overheating of ourselves, our relationships with each other, and ultimately the planet.

If we became aware of this perceived need, and its consequences, we might feel less driven to change things, to improve things, to consume things – and in the process we might find that we, and the planet, survive longer and more peacefully.

3 thoughts on “How low can you go?

  1. Exactly. Rant about electric kettles:

    Our kettle bust a while ago. It was an expensive one that had been pretty good. But, a bit of the gubbins that turned it off had broken. Irreparable according to both the maker and the Internet. It irked to chuck it away.

    We’ve owned maybe a dozen kettles over the years. And it seems to me that (largely pointless) improvements in the technology have been accompanied by reduced reliability and increased cost.

    In the end we bought a comparatively cheap hob kettle with a whistle/human interface that turns it off. Has been brilliant for years.

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  2. One of the things that does my head in is big companies and government telling us to reduce and recycle. Putting the onus on us to do our fair bit which I understand. At the same time, they’re not following their own advice. Go into any supermarket here in Melbourne and see now, everything wrapped in plastic. Made into smaller (more expensive) pieces. Where you took a few pieces of fruit to put into your trolley, now they’re all individually wrapped.

    Also, the amount of really cheap stuff now that you can buy. Coffee machines, cleaners, toasters, etc. Dirt cheap. The thing breaks down and it’s cheaper to buy another one than replace it.

    There’s a repair cafe in our local community hall which is good. You can take whatever piece of equipment, someone will be there to have a look at it and offer advice or fix. However these initiatives are only created by the community for the community.

    We don’t really need a lot to be happy. Our consumption and need to buy and throw out after a few uses is hurting our planet.

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