Deleting my social media accounts

I just posted this on Facebook and Linkedin

I was never a fan of people who announced their intention to quit blogging, preferring that they just go quietly.


I am going to delete this account, along with my other social media accounts, in the next day or so and it would seem rude to leave without saying goodbye.

I have made, and kept it touch with, so many friends through these platforms but I have been spending less and less time on them recently and have been feeling better as a result.

Creating connections and having interesting conversations with smart people was what excited me about the internet from the start but sadly this morphed into being manipulated and data mined by huge social media platforms.

I never liked the phrase Social Media. The problem was always in the prioritisation of the word media over the word social. For me, at least, the time has come for disintermediation and I am currently enjoying Mastodon, however long that lasts.

You will always be able to find me through my blog though, whatever happens, so do stay in touch and take care of yourselves.

17 thoughts on “Deleting my social media accounts

  1. Alas, I wish I could follow your example. Clients still need my advice on these platforms, so I must maintain at least an occasionally-used account.

    Still, though, with the smell of Musk pervading the air, is this not a perfect time to revive blogs and RSS discovery methods?

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    1. Indeed. I’d been thinking about it for a while but current events proved the trigger. I am not really looking for work these days so there is less pressure to perform. I am also happy to follow my nose into the next adventure.

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  2. I gave up Facebook after the Cambridge Analytical debacle. Profiling people and their friends and then sending targeted messages containing mis-information at best and lies at worst to influence the way they vote was a red line for me.
    Mark Zuckerberg was gutted (obviously) and there was a big downside for me. I’ve spent 15+ years of my working life abroad and Facebook was a brilliant way of keeping in touch with people. But red lines are red lines!
    IMHO there should be laws that prevent techniques used to sell people a new car being used in political campaigns…. discuss….

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    1. Totally. I stayed around in the hope of making them better places but I reckon that was naive. Whether or not Mastodon proves to be better we will see. It certainly has things in its favour. And there will always be blogging…


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