There is something about journaling that I am really drawn to. Whether it is books on journaling, blog posts about journaling, apps for journaling, adverts for notebooks for journaling, you name it each time I find a new one of any of these I get a little shot of adrenalin.

I have a room full of Field Notes and Moleskin notebooks filled with scribblings over many years. I have been using the wonderful journaling app DayOne for many years (and have 4,500 entries).

But to what end? I rarely go back and read my journal entries, and if I do they seem full of self pity over a depressingly small range of topics…

And yet, I still feel that tug every time I see the word “journal”

Weird eh?

6 thoughts on “Journaling

  1. My father spent many years journaling in German (at a time when he was learning the language initially). Lately his memory has been failing and he has been talking about working on transcribing his entries back into English as a way of reviving his old experiences.

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  2. I love journalling and it’s true that you don’t go through them. I’ve been doing this since 15 but had a big gap when I started blogging online but I continued at different times in my life. However since 2020 just before Covid started, I began to use it as my quiet time. I wrote through those days ups, and downs. That’s my real writing. The writing that no one sees – not even me because I never read back through the tons of journals. Now, I continue the practice but they’re shorter entries, they’re usually things I’ve been thinking or doing with my family. Personal stuff I don’t want to share. Arguments, health, emotions etc. I love buying new journals. I love starting them too.


  3. I have been journaling off and on since 2019 and have become much more active in doing so. I have gone back and looked at various entries, some of which have been helpful, in retrospect! 🙂

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