As I teeter on the brink of deleting my Twitter account I thought I would look for the original tweet where I said “Corporations don’t tweet – people do”. The earliest instance I can find is 2009 but I don’t think that is the original as I had already changed it to Organisations Don’t Tweet, People Do (then of course bloody Wiley Americanised it for the book).

Oh well, it was a very long time ago whatever.

9 thoughts on “Twitter

  1. You are not alone in thinking hard about remaining on Twitter. I’m looking for places where real conversations, rather than opinionated disagreements, can be quickly started or joined. That was my early experience with Twitter, but increasingly it has become more toxic and less tolerant.

    Mastodon may be a (partial) answer, how is your experience there developing? and which server did you join?


  2. I know that Twitter is not what it once was. Advertising and marketing will do that to any platform. I’ve been an infrequent visitor for years. Don’t know exactly what Mr. Elon is up to but I figure why not stay and lurk for a bit. Easier to do that than delete.

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  3. I deleted mine in June last year, then did the same for the rest of them. I had been on Mastodon for some years but didn’t engage. I went back to that after deleting Twitter then by that stage, I couldn’t be bothered with it anymore either, so I deleted that too (both Mastodon accounts). I now have only my blog and YouTube account. I even migrated everything from LinkedIn (all testimonials) over to my blog too. That is in “hibernation”. I’ll only open it up again IF I start looking for work again in the new year. IF. 🤣


  4. As you might be aware, Substack has just launched a chat function. A few writers I follow have started chats and I’m enjoying it so far. There are lots of writers on Substack and the atmosphere is supportive. Also, I still have your book 🙂


    1. Glad you have my book, and that you are enjoying Substack. I have to say I find it frustrating as a reader (like news sites stuck behind a pay wall) and have steered away from it.


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