In the end,stories are about one
person saying to another: This is
the way it feels to me. Can you
understand what I’m saying?
Does it feel this way to you?

– Kazuo Ishiguro

In the conversation yesterday about whether or not I should leave comments turned on on this blog, a couple of you mentioned a sense of community as being one of the benefits. I am never convinced about community. For me it has connotations of tribalism, group think and pressure to conform.

It dawned on me this morning that what I am more interested in is connection.

I have sat at this very desk for thirty years using a variety of keyboards to peck out words that agitate electrons, animate screens, and eventually pass through eyes into someone else’s head. Hopefully these words help in some way, share an idea, provide comfort, and who knows maybe occasionally inspire.

That’s why I do it! It is truly magical.

8 thoughts on “Connection

  1. You, Euan are magical. Your words are spoken from the heart, so easily understood, so perfect. I am so sorry I don’t comment more often. I want you to know I read every single one of your posts. For instance the other day about your Dad. My Father died of Alzheimers. it is incredibly difficult. I understand. I suggest as you love the outdoors, and according to my knowledge of you, walking, hiking has always been something you enjoy above and beyond most. I remember you walking the “whole” of NY when you were there on a visit. I think taking your Dad out for a walk every day would be great for both of you. Fresh air, new sights for him, they may not register, but will be stimulating for him, none the less. Your kindness and concern regarding your girls, so sweet. I have a vivid picture in my head of you you all on a Holiday together, I think it was France. Great photos. I remember when you first met Alby, he was such a perfect addition to your family. I could go on and on… I have been privileged to have read your words and experienced your life through your eyes. Your journey as a truck driver, so many things. Thank you so much for everything. Please never give up. So sorry I can’t provide the same to you, however I want you to know you are a special man. You are much appreciated!!xoxo I would love to hear your point of view on your new PM??

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    1. That I’d so kind of you Kathy. Thank you for reading with such attention – and for commenting.

      Dad is past the stage of going for walks but we do go for drives whenever we can.

      As to the PM? I have no interest in politics and has to ask if we had a new one!


      1. So sorry he is not able to walk with you. By the way my name is Katie…no problem people often mistake my name. Politics…I get it. I am a Canadian living in the US, dreadful. xoxoxo


  2. Clearly I’m catching up with the feed … my commenting is a step behind your posts (in my defence, my wife and I took a few weeks off in the motorhome – I hope that excuses me!).

    “Connection” is a much more appropriate word, and I tender myself as evidence of your words having made some 🙂


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