Second thoughts

I was in two minds whether to publish my last post and have subsequently decided to delete it.

2 thoughts on “Second thoughts

  1. If you don’t mind my asking, what thought(s) prompted the deletion? (For your information, the original post still showed up in my feed reader; obviously reversing the syndication is a bit difficult for feed machines 🙂 ).
    I ask because I find myself in a liminal-like space where I hover between the two attitudes you describe in youself and your father … that dichotomy of wanting to live fully in the moment, but fearing I might be “wasting” the (relatively) few moments left 🙂
    I appreciate that you might feel the post got a bit close to someone else’s “personal” territory; is it possible to rephrase to make the point without overexposing somebody?


  2. You are right that it was discomfort at sharing someone else’s personal territory, but it was also not feeling robust enough to have other people tell me what I should be doing – which sometimes happens.


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