Cruising for a bruising.

I occasionally feel an overwhelming urge to get into a fight. A real fight.

If I get involved in an altercation with an other driver a part of me hopes he will get out of his car to escalate things thereby giving me an excuse to go berserk.

I don’t even care if I “win”. At my age I probably wouldn’t. I just want the release.

Release of what?

Not sure. But whatever it is it’s the same urge that is behind my nostalgia for getting blind drunk…

I suspect it has been too long since I climbed a mountain.

5 thoughts on “Cruising for a bruising.

  1. This made me laugh out loud!

    I am really enjoying your current posts. Not that I didn’t enjoy previous posts but, perhaps in common with my own place of mind, I am preferring contact with the ‘marrow’ of life rather than the intellect.

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  2. That is interesting. I’ve dabbled in martial arts most of my life, still in tai chi practice. Wanting to fight is aways an undercurrent, but tempereed by a ‘let them initate – then respond’mindset. Evntually you chill to level that stops primary reaction.

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    1. I once wrote a blog post years ago whose content was “Fuck, fuckity fuck fuck. Thanks that feels better”. It was picked up and reblogged by Loic Le Meur (who had a huge following at the time) and the result was that I was the No.1 “fuck” on Google for about 24hrs!


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