Tacit knowledge

I was approached today about getting involved in a conference on tacit knowledge. It took me back to all of those angels dancing on the head of a pin over definitions of knowledge and the nonsense about capturing knowledge and harnessing knowledge.

We know what we know when we take action and even then it is just a passing thought, a fleeting sense of being in control. Until then it is just part of the constant chatter of a mind that likes to think that it is in charge.

3 thoughts on “Tacit knowledge

  1. Everything you say has such truth. I love your words and your take on every day living. please forgive me for not responding. I read each and everyone of them and am continually blown away by what an introspective, honest, transparent man you are. I have always enjoyed your ability with words, so honest and real. Thank you so much, please never stop writing. Sending love and all the best, to you, your lovely wife, daughters and of course Alby! xoxo

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  2. It reminds me of feelings I get when people ask me to present too. It’s an “odd” feeling now. In the past, I felt privileged to be asked. Now, I have to think hard about it. On the other hand, I think “it’ll be a chance to travel around a new place, meet new people, try some new foods and wines”. I go for that.

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