An unknown intruder

I’ve set up a security camera in my office so that we can see Ably coming and going when we are out and have left the window open for him. I occasionally forget to turn it off when I am in the room and end up on the recording and getting alerts to my own presence on my watch and phone!

We have all had the experience of looking at ourselves in the mirror and wondering who we are looking at. This is worse. I am not looking at the camera and am just moving around the room naturally.

Well, I say naturally, but I look so stiff and awkward. Years of back problems have made me move defensively, even when I think I am relaxed. The outer me is so unlike the inner me.

It is like watching a stranger moving around my own home.

6 thoughts on “An unknown intruder

  1. I have no cameras set up, my doctor tells me that I am beginning to stoop from the shoulders (apparently the bones have less integrity now) but I don’t recognize it as I see only the fore view in the mirror… watched a bit of the Queen’s funeral, the long, slow march up ‘the Long Walk’ to Windsor Castle involving many young military and quite a few older retainers, must have been painful for some of the older ones but they showed little sign of it.


  2. I can fully recommend taking up Tai Cii and/or Chi Gong at any age to help rectify muscle control, balance, relaxation and general coping with life. It will chalange your memory and body in gentle but persistent ways!

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