Not my finest hour

We have a small utility room in our house in which we have some cupboards, our washing machine and tumble dryer, and a shower for guests. On top of the wall cupboards we keep old tins of paint.

Today when I opened one of the cupboards a large paint tin dropped, hit the edge of the sink, burst open, sprayed paint all over our new washing machine, the walls, the door, the floor and me. Lots of it. It also filled the sink with paint which immediately blocked.

I knew that if I panicked things were only going to get worse. I managed to reach for a plunger to clear the sink, found some cloths, and started what turned out to be an hour’s work clearing the mess.

I couldn’t move to begin with because to do so would spread the paint. I had to keep the tap running to keep the sink clear (thank goodness it was emulsion paint and hence water soluble) but every time I used a cloth I had to rinse it out, over and over again. The hot water running turned the room into a sauna.

I was in the house on my own. In retrospect this was probably a good thing as it meant that I just had to knuckle down and get on with it.

The inclination to run away when it first happened was almost irresistible. If it had been oil based paint I would have done, leaving a trail or white footprints out to the van!

4 thoughts on “Not my finest hour

  1. Oh no!!! How frustrating! This would have been so annoying as you worked quickly to clean it up before it dried. Argh. Hope you got it sorted and all evidence of paint disappeared. It does my head in when things like this happen. They always happen at the wrong time.


  2. That happened to me 4 years ago when renovating my newly-purchased apartment.

    I had been painting the walls white. I went out to the grocery store and ti run errands and left the paint pot where it was, and open. It was dark when I returned. I entered the apartment, put some things down, and then went into the room where I had been working. It was quite dark by then, and unknowingly I stepped right into the paint pot.

    Bam ! White paint everywhere on the wooden plank floor. It took me two hours (in my skivvies) to wipe it all up and clean the floor well. Then, I was left with the next job of cleaning all the paint off myself from the process of cleaning up the paint on the floor. Thank goodness for water-based paint !


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