The best writing tool for on the road

Ihave been digging away at finding the best writing setup for when I am traveling in our campervan.

I started using my phone with a small external keyboard but this was too fiddly and although none of it took up much space I ended up not using it.

I then used my iPad, which is my favourite writing tool especially for all the great apps that run on it, but the challenge of having a separate keyboard and needing a tray to rest things on on my knees, all proved too enervating and I just wasn’t doing it.

I then tried to get hold of a dedicated iPad keyboard that would make it sit on my lap like a laptop. The Brydge keyboard looked like the right one but it still hasn’t arrived yet despite being ordered nearly a month ago!

I thought about buying a new laptop. I’d love a new MacBook Air but can’t really justify the cost. But then my daughter Mollie pointed out that I could go back to using my original MacBook Air which she had been using (she’s now moved over to iPad). This machine is 12 years old but still runs really well. The only issue is that it doesn’t run current versions of a lot of the apps that I use and I had to find a way of charging it up in the van which has a liesure battery that drives DC sockets. I found an inverter on Amazon for only £27 that will convert 12V DV to 240V AC and allow me to charge my laptop on the road.

So, in the absence of my new iPad keyboard I have been able to work out a combination of my iPhone, my iPad, and my ageing MacBook, Drafts, Ulysses, and Notes, in a way that will allow me to write on any device, anywhere, and at any time, and have the writing sync across all of them.

Now I have no excuse not to write!

3 thoughts on “The best writing tool for on the road

  1. Try using a notebook! This isn’t as snarky as it sounds. Writing in a notebook can be very freeing as it seems less serious and more creative. I write rough drafts in my notebook early in the morning and then transcribe (and edit) later in the day. You could do this when you get home from a trip. You’ll have lots of words and it will feel great.


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