Crying on a beach

Yesterday, while I was enjoying the sunshine lying on a beach, my daughter texted to ask if I knew a bass player called Danny Thompson because he often swims in the pool at which she is a lifeguard and is a really nice guy.

Danny Thompson! One of the best bass players in the world who played with John Martyn my favourite musician! Danny Thompson whose bass lines were so much of the incredible power of songs like those on the album One World!

Listening to the song One World I started weeping lying on that beach.

Imagine having that ability to move people.

9 thoughts on “Crying on a beach

  1. I totally understand that and have been moved to tears myself. It is most definitely a rare talent when someone can do this with their music, art, speech, words…we need more people like them in the world. I wonder about those who may have such talents hidden or stifled. Imagine what we may be missing out on.

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  2. I was fortunate to at Lancaster Uni in the 74-77 era and John Martyn toured there every year I think. It was with Danny Thompson and a drummer John Stevens. The audience ofen were invited to sit up one stage with him and partake of a shared smoking item or two…

    Beautiful memories, great, great music.

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