The power of routine

At 92 my Dad is beginning to struggle. His short term memory is failing. On good days he’s bright as a button but some days life gets hard.

Every morning he and Mum had a very specific routine for breakfast. Things were placed in exactly the same place, things were done in exactly the same order. Since Mum passed away two years ago Dad has rigorously followed that same routine.

On good days this is what gets him through the process. On bad days, when the chain is broken, the train come off the rails and “What do I do next?” is the heartbreaking question that gets repeated at each step.

Each small step has become a giant leap for mankind.

4 thoughts on “The power of routine

  1. Barb and I have been caring for my Dad for the past 2 years, he died last Sunday evening at home as I was putting him to bed after supper, he would have been 105 in 2 months. I know exactly what you mean about memory, some days he just could not make the connections. He was a practicing physician until 102 when the pandemic forced him to leave the city for life here in the country, not being able to do his work was the most frustrating thing for him. He was working on his last book, a study of the war poets, but was not able to finish. Now I realize that I am an orphan at the age of 79. I wish you and your Dad well as you carry on, for what else can one do..?

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    1. Gosh, how impressive to have been so active so long. And I hope you are both ok. Two years is a long time to have been looking after someone, especially at an age when you might be beginning to need a little help yourselves.


      1. Thank you Euan, we are both ok. As they say, ‘ in order to care for another one must first care for oneself’.. like you, i walk in the wild every day, it clears both brain and body…

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