Things they don’t prepare you for.

I’m not quite sure who “they” are but I remember when our first daughter, Mollie was born coming away from the hospital thinking how ridiculous it was that no one had checked in any way that we were responsible enough to look after this little thing. “They” make you do a test for driving a car, why not for having children?

I’m beginning to feel the same way about my father.

Although he is still living on his own, he is increasingly confused.

He called me at 5 am this morning. He wasn’t distressed, there was nothing wrong, he was just a bit wandered and not even sure why he had called me.

“They” don’t prepare you for this either. All you can really do is stay calm, be kind, and deal with the next situation as it arises.

Probably good advice for life generally.

2 thoughts on “Things they don’t prepare you for.

  1. Yeah it’s tough. I’m bracing for this to happen too when the time comes. Lucky I have a good friend who is also experiencing something similar and through talking about what she’s doing and how she’s handling it, is mentally preparing me for what to expect. It’s also giving me an idea of the local services that support the aged that no one knows about unless you’re within the system. Take care and yes, great advice.

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