The therapeutic potential of blogging

It is often said that the times when you find it most difficult to sit down and meditate are the very times when you need it most. I reckon blogging is the same.

I am facing some challenges at the moment that I know would be helped by blogging about them. But they involve family and I have always been very wary of writing in public about things that directly affect other people.

I know bloggers who have been very courageous in being open about the challenges that they’re facing. I know that their willingness to do so has helped others, including me.

But maybe, even after all this time, I’m just not ready yet…

3 thoughts on “The therapeutic potential of blogging

  1. So sorry to read this Euan and hope things get sorted. Sometimes you don’t need to do this. I grapple with this too finding in recent times, I’m a bit more open doing this but not entirely sure I should be doing it. Take care.

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  2. Euan, another alternative is to engage your distributed community, even us very distant ones, directly. My experience is we share many of each other’s challenges while never knowing. I absolutely would blog my own stuff and NEVER family stuff unless they requested it.

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