A losing battle

Our ego loves battles. There’s nothing that our “poor little me” relishes more than an excuse to indulge in righteous indignation, a battle to wage against someone who disrespects us, a stupid, rule, even an object that doesn’t work.

It doesn’t matter how small, or unimportant, or unintentional the trigger. “You’ll do! Bring it on”

But often our assailant isn’t even aware of the fight to the death our ego believes it is involved in. They probably aren’t even aware of our existence. Objects aren’t even aware, full stop!

But none of that matters. It’s not them we are fighting with. It is ourselves. We are fighting with our made up idea of how the world should be.

It’s a losing battle.

4 thoughts on “A losing battle

  1. I love Hank Green’s take on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbPY2hyU3zk

    I try to be sympathetic with all the world’s egos and their righteous indignation and helpless sense of rage. I don’t think we have any choice but to react dysfunctionally the way we do. And likewise I don’t think the people who arouse our righteous indignation and rage have any choice but to behave how they do. And of course the objects that arouse our indignation and rage (in my case, the trigger is usually poorly made/designed products and technologies) don’t have any choice. We’re all just playing our parts in this grand and confusingly-written drama with a cast of billions. The script was finalized before we came along, and cannot be changed, and we get our lines one at a time just when they are to be delivered.

    Fortunately for all us over-emoting actors, it’s only a play. 😉


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