These tangled webs

I know we are late discovering The Sopranos but Mollie and I finished series three last night.

Such clever, clever writing. The complex interweaving of themes; morality, duty, misogyny, racism, violence, family, love, is so powerful and so thoughtfully played.

Tony Soprano’s trials and tribulations are such a good exploration of how malleable our stories are and how absolutes of right and wrong, truth and falsehood are naive pipe dreams.

On a walk yesterday Mollie and I were discussing how academics, particularly philosophers, can dance on the head of a pin arguing over theories that are entirely made up and how those theories, if taken seriously by those less skilled in spinning tales, can lead to huge ideological shifts in how we see the world.

And yet we cling to those stories as if our lives depend on them. As if without them we would be meaningless.

And we don’t want that do we…

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