Outraged indignation

It’s almost like sex isn’t it, that rush of adrenalin and blissful release. “How could he!?”, “How dare they?!”, “What on earth is she talking about?!”, “A line has been crossed!”.

The surge of endorphins as our ego fires up for a holy war with some deserving victim. We are justified in letting go, taking the brakes off, casting aside the shackles of the social contract.

And isn’t it great, the internet triggers this every day. It’s like ego porn. We can get all of the rush with none of the risk. “These people are asking for it. Every right thinking decent person should stand up to them.”

But such indulgence takes its toll, it corrodes our self respect, it drowns out our still, quiet voice that knows better.

It’s just as well it is patient and will still be there when we calm down.

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