Living the dream

Everything in our past is imagined. We retain a fraction of the already highly filtered sense perceptions that reached our brain at the time and then re-assemble and reinterpret them in this moment.

Everything in our future is imagined based on our imagined past. We try to connect the two with made up narratives and get very worried that the world won’t play ball with those narratives.

These narratives impose a linear sense of time onto life that is totally made up.

There is only now, everything else is a dream.

We spend 99.999% of our lives in that dream.

Cherish the glimpses of that 0.001% of truth, and the deep sense of peace that comes with it, that pass all too fleetingly.

One thought on “Living the dream

  1. You’ve started me thinking (not for the first time!) about the true self. I found Anil Seth’s book “Being you” useful for getting a grip on what neuroscience seems to be saying about who and how we are. Meanwhile, I’ll ponder further on the true self.

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