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You were born, as every new life-form is birthed, ignited from the Source of life which sources everything. In the nine months you spent in the womb and during the process of birth itself, you were consistently supplied and provided for by the one same Life Source. Yes, I know you have come to believe your parents when they said you were theirs and that they created you, but strictly speaking that is not so, is it? It’s more precise to say, that in the action of your parent’s sexual union with one another, life created you. You were sourced into being through them rather than by them. Until you were ready to be popped out from your mother’s womb, you didn’t even know your parents, they hadn’t yet formed you in their own preferred mould. As far as you were concerned, they certainly hadn’t been your Life Source before this time. So what happened next? Well, in a nutshell, that is when things called problems became known to you. You took one look at your mother, in whose womb you had been incubated and you were told, “This is your mother …” and you took one look at your father, if he was in attendance, and you were told, “This is your father …” Wow! Talk about early child-hood trauma and confusion over identity. Let’s face it, no matter how loving your parents are, they don’t look like the all-providing, non-demanding, all-nurturing safe Creator you have been sourced by. They don’t resonate with quite the same consistency as your Life Source. The constancy of provision you have been receiving from your Source may suddenly seem less dependable, now that you are entrusted to the care of your parents. But who were you to question that? In all circumstances, your parents seem adamant that you are theirs and so you, being new to all of this, step out in trust and accept their ownership.

THE EGO IDENTITY YOU FORMED. From here on in you began to form an identity about yourself, contrived though it was. You were told how much you look and act like various members of your family; in many cases, people you don’t even know. You learn that you have your “mother’s eyes” and you are told you have your “father’s nose”, you learn how things are going to be, even though they haven’t happened yet … “You’ll be a great sportsman, just like your uncle!” and, “You are another stubborn little thing, just like your older brother.” All the time, you were beginning to piece together an image and an identification of yourself as you were taught to live it. This is the ego. It is the learned version of YOU and who you have been living ever since. You were given a name which, not surprisingly, you didn’t get to choose for yourself either. You were programmed, conditioned, cloned and named.

Addiction Unplugged : How To Be Free: For all those affected by their own addictions or the addictions of others by John Flaherty

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