Changing our minds.

“Waiting for someone else to change
is the long road to happiness”. – Byron Katie

There may well be a real world out there. But I have no way of knowing. My entire experience of the world is mediated by my senses. This includes my thoughts, which Buddhists consider a sixth sense.

The fact that there appear to be other people out there reinforcing a concept of a real world with their stories doesn’t help as my experience them is also made up by my mind.

Even if there really are physical entities out there, without my sense organs and brain to interpret the fleeting bundles of energy, the condensing light, they would be a meaningless blur.

So I’m making it all up. And so are you. In fact there aren’t two of us. There is just “this” which is dreaming itself. It is life being conscious.

If we don’t like the dream we need to change it. And we do that in each moment by making the only choice we have, between love and fear.

We get to choose between that still calm voice of truth within us, or the ego, the confused, insane chattering monkey who from an early age has hijacked our world and convinced us that it’s nightmare is real.

We don’t have to listen to it.

We can change our mind.

And if we change that we will change the world. It’s the only way we ever will.

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