Purpose is another of those words that the corporate world has hijacked and rendered almost unusable. “Driving purpose”? Really?

The purpose of corporations is maximising shareholder value. Making money. Sure you get a drip down share of that but the purpose is increasing the divide between the insanely rich who have managed to struggle their way to the top of the pile – and the rest of us.

In our personal lives we are terrified of the prospect of being purposeless, perilously close to pointless, and will do anything to be seen to be making a difference.

We then create a sense of purpose for ourselves which, being based on our myopic ego self, is inevitably at odds with others’ sense of purpose and sets us up in competition.

Too often we end up with the madness of “My sense of purpose is greater than yours, I make more of a difference than you do, my good works eclipse your good works and I am higher up the do-gooding ladder than you are.”

Learn to celebrate purposelessness, embrace your pointlessness, and be kind to the next person you encounter, and the next one after that, and the next one after that…

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