The joys of AI

So my first two attempts at photos for a new passport application were rejected by the automated system that the UK Passport office uses because it said that “I looked as if my eyes were closed”.

My third attempt was accepted but I’m going to have to try to remember to look startled every time I go through ePassport gates at airports for the next ten years!

3 thoughts on “The joys of AI

  1. I have discovered that I will never be able to get through the automatic gates at any UK airport because there are people on the watch list with a similar name to me so it always need me to be checked by a human!

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  2. While I was registering for a public service I had to go through one of those AI passport ID verification processes. I uploaded a scan of my passport and it failed, stating that it could detect two photos. I guessed that the problem was the watermarked photo on one side, so I photoshopped it out, uploaded again, and passed the control. Ridiculous.


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