I’m finding it amusing reading the stories about a new measurement of the W Boson particle which is apparently much bigger than they expected. The articles are saying that this will change our understanding of the universe.

This is to presume that we understand the universe to begin with. We, “understand” a tiny fragment of what we see around us. Whether the vast amount of species that we apparently have no idea about, or the plants yet to be discovered, or what makes gravity happen, or what kicked the whole thing off, or what makes it all hang together and “work”.

In fact we understand fuck all. We don’t even understand our own minds that filter and shape our entire experience of the universe that they have created!

3 thoughts on “Hubris

  1. We’ve killed off God and now worship science. We might even have made the Boson in the collider rather than discovering it. But it will spawn more papers in journals and more conferences. Meanwhile, the blackbird in our garden sings beautifully every evening.

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