Battered and bruised

It’s interesting how counterintuitive “letting things go” is. We’re not meant to let things go. We’re meant to sort things. We’re meant to take responsibility for things. We’re meant to have an impact on the world around us and shape it.

I once quoted, I think Steve Jobs, about wanting to make a dent in the world and somebody rightly pointed out that maybe the world didn’t want a dent made in it. And this, I increasingly believe, is the problem.

Too many people are trying to shape the world into something they think it should be. So many people are making a dent in the world that it is looking decidedly battered and bruised.

Rather than trying to make everything outside us conform to how we think it should be, what if we turned inwards and started dealing with our own demons, sorting out our own shit, before we start projecting it onto other people?

2 thoughts on “Battered and bruised

  1. A pertinent post as I try to recalibrate this thinking. I’ve done a lot of exploring, questioning, reflecting over the years. In years past, this is exactly what I did as it (I felt) give me a goal or a sense of purpose. Sometimes it felt great, other times, flat only ending up feeling a bit more empty because it didn’t result in what I thought the result would be. I’d take it as failure, or that people didn’t understand but most of the time, I blamed my own lack of adequately articulating the vision (because in all honesty, I didn’t have that clear in my own head).

    I don’t know if it’s an age thing but with time, knock backs and come backs, I’ve started to realise that it’s not that important in the grand scheme of life. It’s ok. People are different.

    My biggest realisation was that everyone is carrying around their own hurt in some way. They’re doing the best they can. I don’t have to be part of their situation nor do they have to be part of mine my own hurt – to make me feel better in my own head. It is what it is.

    In some way, 2022 already has been an enlightening year for me as this was my own realisation. Wondering why it took so bloody long to realise it though. 🤣

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