Melancholy, sadness, and insanity.

A John Williams piece written for Schindler’s List popped up on Apple Music this morning.

This triggered intensely melancholic memories of visiting Auchwitz and led to remembering the scenes from the film where the character played by Ralph Feinnes used his rifle to randomly shoot prisoners walking across the camp grounds.

Later in the morning one of my daughters showed me a photo, shared on social media by someone she knows, showing them sitting proudly, holding their rifle, next to a beautiful deer they had just shot.

How deeply, deeply sad this made me feel.

What goes through your mind as you willingly, deliberately, and it would appear even enthusiastically, take a life, any life?

There will be no peace until we realise just how insane we all are.

2 thoughts on “Melancholy, sadness, and insanity.

  1. I am flexitarian, I will eat pretty much anything to which I am not allergic, although I no longer eat anything not farmed and even then free range and ethically raised. So far I have killed a couple of chickens at the end of their lives and sent one lovely cow to slaughter as she began to suffer at the end of her life. The chickens were easier because I did it myself, Tansy was harder because I needed someone else to do it for me so that it was done quickly and effectively and I could not botch it.

    I have no problems with raising animals to eat, but as a friend of mine says, “as good a life as I can give them, and one bad second”. Nothing eats but something dies, the seeds in the apple will never express their life in a tree, the carrot and the parsnip never go to seed, the olives the same. In fact the animals in my life have lives more complete than most of the non-animals. And when I pulled out some more tomato plants yesterday to make room for peas, I literally thanked them for their lives, not because I think they can receive the message, but to remind me how my meals are paid for by all concerned.

    In fact, when we kill, it should always be done willingly and deliberately, but only for food and never carelessly, wantonly or in anger. And sadness should always be part of the cost to us, it is not a bad thing to feel, those who don’t are monsters.


    1. I stopped eating meat because I wasn’t prepared to do the killing myself. I understand the complex ethics of any food chain and appreciate any and all attempts to reduce suffering. I bet you didn’t post a photo of yourself standing proudly with your dead chickens?


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