Interesting how many people assumed that me previous post on losing my grip was about impending senility.

It was meant to be about deeper questioning of our assumptions about time and space and the constructed nature of the world around us.

It’s always my fault when people misinterpret my posts. I haven’t written them carefully or clearly enough.

Maybe it’s my age?

5 thoughts on “Assumptions

  1. Rest assured, I didn’t! 🤣 What I find fascinating is how quickly time seems to go as we age. When I do look through posts, photos and videos I created through the years, it confirms that I’ve done a lot – and not nothing – as my mind tells me. I seem to forget those moments. Luckily these mementos show to me that I haven’t been doing nothing and instead, living life. 🤣

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  2. Your posts frequently provoke all kinds of responses, I don’t think that is a fault. You open doors to conversation, you provoke us to think, sometimes our rails hit a different set of points, sometimes the points are only half way and wreckage ensues. Not your fault at all.


  3. I’ll be senile long before you are! No sign of that in your thoughts but I do see a shift towards a more philosophical outlook on life.


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